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VOZ ON - Locuções e Produções, Lda

Av. Marechal Humberto Delgado, Ed. Thuya, 332

Vila Nova de Famalicão , 4760-012

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(+351) 912 437 078

Recording Studios

voz on U.E.
  • Portugal - VN Famalicão, Cascais, Lisbon and Odivelas
  • Spain - Ferrol, Madrid, Barcelona
  • France - Paris, Saint Omer
  • UK - London, Stoke-On-Trent
  • Italy - Cremona, Rome
  • Netherlands - Amesterdam
  • Germany - Friedrichsdorf
  • Denmark - Aarhus
  • Poland - Tarnow

voz on world
  • E.U.A - New York, Miami
  • Canada - Brentwood Bay, B.C.
  • Brazil - S. Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
  • Colombia - Bogotá
  • Venezuela - Merida
  • Mexico - Monterrey
  • South Africa - Cape Town
  • Israel - Telavive
  • China - Pequim, Xangai
  • Mozambique - Maputo


Beside voice recordings on a wide variety of languages, VOZ ON offers a large reserve of voice over artists from Portugal and Brazil.



Click here to get access to our pool of English voice over artists from USA, UK and other regions



Are you looking for a Spanish voice over artist? VOZ ON gives you access to some of the best voices of Spain and Latin America.


40 languages +

Global brands need a local voice. VOZ ON offers a wide variety of professional voice over talents from all around the world.