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Beside voice recordings on a wide variety of languages, VOZ ON offers a large reserve of voice over artists from Portugal and Brazil.



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Are you looking for a Spanish voice over artist? VOZ ON gives you access to some of the best voices of Spain and Latin America.


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Global brands need a local voice. VOZ ON offers a wide variety of professional voice over talents from all around the world.

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"Voz" is a Portuguese and Spanish word that means "Voice" and "Voz On" means "voice over recordings in Portuguese, Spanish and in more than 40 languages". Are you working on a project that requires a voice over recording or a dubbing in Portuguese, Spanish or any other language? You've come to the right place! At VOZ ON we "hear voices" all day long! That´s how we pass on the message to our clients worldwide, helping them enterering the global market in the most convincing manner. Convincing, because we work only with the best and most highly regarded professionals in the business. Voices that are famous in their home countries. We work only with professional voice over talents natives in their language, which grants the maximum quality and precision to all our productions. Are you looking for voice over talents in Portuguese (from Portugal, Angola or Brazil), English (from England, U.S.A. or South Africa), French (from France or Canada), Spanish (in Castilian, Galician, Catalan, or neutral Latin-American Spanish), Chinese (in Cantonese or Mandarin), German or Dutch...? Talk to us, we speak more than 40 languages!


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